Case Study: Increasing Gridwise App Installs by More Than 8x Through TikTok

 “Lauren Labeled helped us create content and launch TikTok Ads for the first time and we are very happy with the results. TikTok has become an important channel for the growth of our app and we would not have been able to launch successfully on TikTok without their help. They are fun to work with and produce great work.” – Mike Guinan, Director of Growth Marketing at Gridwise

The Problem

Gridwise is the leading business app for helping rideshare and delivery drivers maximize and track earnings, expenses, profitability, and mileage. Gridwise helps boost driver earnings across all rideshare and delivery services (Uber, Lyft, Uber Eats, Postmates, DoorDash, Instacart, Grubhub, Amazon Flex, and more). The app shows the best time and places to drive, records all mileage/expenses, and has event and airport arrival reminders.

Before working with Lauren Labeled, Gridwise was a two-person marketing team. They didn’t have enough time in the day to write scripts and source great creators. They worked with influencers, but felt like they were running out of people to work with considering how niche-specific the product is.

Plus, they knew their audience was on TikTok and it could be a new stream of revenue and app installs, but weren’t sure how to navigate on their own.

The Solution

We developed a roadmap for Gridwise’s TikTok ad campaigns as well as a creative strategy. After taking a deep dive into the brand, competitors (identifying any gaps we could leverage), and the intended audience, we began crafting creative concepts. We also iterated off existing winning creatives the team shared.

We always segment by stages in the marketing funnel. When starting with a brand new client, we focus heavily on the awareness stage if they’re launching TikTok ads for the first time.

Awareness stage: Hit on common pain points of rideshare and delivery drivers (like using multiple apps to track everything for taxes and not knowing where to drive for the most money), introduce the app and distinct value props.

Consideration stage: This stage is to further push people down the funnel and address any objections in the way of them downloading and signing up. Buyer objections and misconceptions are focused on price, effectiveness, usability, and whether it actually works and does what it promises. We focus on including social proof, and most importantly, showing the app in action. We made use of customer testimonials both on video and in text overlays, app store ratings, press features, apps, and partner integrations to demonstrate the ease of use.

Decision stage: In this stage, we create content that pushes free trials, promo codes, how to get started, next steps, driver stories and experiences using Gridwise, number of glowing reviews, testimonials, and how to make the most of the app.

For media buying and day-to-day management and optimization, we developed a 90-day road map.

30 Days

  • Broad creative test to find top 2-3 winners to scale and ensure consistent spending and delivery
  • Ads with the lowest CPL and bounce rate and highest time spent on the website
  • Include top-performing existing ads
  • Audience testing to walk down the funnel as quickly as possible to high-quality users
  • Testing devices: broad, iOS, and android
  • Testing interests
  • Customer List LAL

60 Days

  • Pixel/Engagement Audience Testing
    • Test app activity/site activity LALs – installs, site visitors
    • Test engagement LALs – 6sec vid views
  • Launch TOF video view campaign
  • Creative iteration and hook testing based on what’s working
  • Bid Method testing
    • CBO vs ABO
    • Bid cap vs lowest cost

90 Days

  • Layer in retargeting/re-engagement campaign depending on user engagement goals
  • Test top creative as Spark Ads
  • Test driving to third-party advertorials
  • Test listicle or quiz-style landing page

The Results

We’ve loved helping Gridwise unlock TikTok as a brand-new channel and revenue stream! Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve done (on average) in the past 60-90 days:

  • Scaled spend nearly 9x in the last 3 months
  • 8x increase in app installs within 3 months
  • 48 ad creatives delivered
  • 18.7% CVR
  • $7.78 CPM
  • $5.76 CPA

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