The Process


The first thing we do before diving into filming is research. We’ll send you a client intake form so we can take into account: branding guidelines, target demographic, desired call to actions, what’s worked in the past, etc. 


From there, we do our research to uncover gaps in competitor messaging, what your target demographic cares about, and ultimately, develop full video concepts and scripts for the upcoming month for your approval.

Kick Off

Now that we have all research and video outlines completed, we’ll have a kickoff call to review concepts, revisions/feedback, and cover any outstanding questions. We’ll let you know which creators will be featured in your videos and you can ship product out. 


You’ll get a link to your 4 final videos each week. It’s showtime, baby! Your assets are ready to go and all there is left to do is launch them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Finding and training great content creators is hard. And an expensive investment. But your competition is already investing in content, so what is more expensive—partnering with amazing content creators or playing catch up? Tik Tok and UGC has just begun. So why not get started leveraging the power now?

Lauren Mabra has been running her own marketing agency for the past two years and has specialized in social media/content creation for the past 10 years (since she was 15)! On the other hand, Lauren Ferry has six years of video and photo production experience on top of her natural passion (and slight addiction) for Tik Tok and content creation.

Not only do we pride ourselves in great lighting, quality scripts, pushing your product’s unique benefits, and understanding the assignment, we also stay on top of trends NATURALLY, so you don’t have to. What better way to reach your target audience than by having people who fit your target audience to a T make your ads?

After receiving all required forms and resources from your brand, it will take us about 2 weeks to research and create video scripts for the upcoming months.

Once outlines and concepts are approved and product has been received, you will receive the first batch of content within about 7 business days.

We handle everything from pre to post-production—meaning scriptwriting, planning, filming, editing, trimming, voiceovers, text, and closed captions. We also handle managing and briefing creators.

Nope! We have a team of diverse creators. Check our About page to see them.

We are currently vetting and training more creators of all different shapes, sizes, genders, sexual orientations, and ethnicities. Diversity and inclusion are huge core values of ours. And it’s a win-win since your customers want to see people who look like them using your products AKA we’re making sure everyone’s represented while boosting ROI!

You will receive a link to the drive of final and raw footage. Here, you will be able to do timestamp comments on the videos for any feedback or revisions.

Unfortunately, we are not taking on clients for ad management at this time.

If you have the time and patience to source creators, vet them and hop on calls, train them, brief them on projects, and provide revisions and coaching... Then, we applaud you! 

We found that amazing creators are good at creating at filming videos—maybe not so much in copywriting or editing. 

We handle it all and are here to provide a hands-off approach to fresh UGC content throughout the month so you don't have to.