About us

Lauren Labeled was created when we noticed a few alarming things:

  1. The rise of UGC and its profitability. The top brands use this simply because it works. An organic looking video of a real person will rake in the dollars over boring, unseasoned stock videos any day.
  2. The amount of ecom brands (like you!) who have everything they need except ad and social creatives that stop their dream customer mid-scroll and reel them in. 

When it comes to Tik Tok and other hot social channels, the power (and $$) is in the targeting and optimizations but it also heavily relies on the creative. But, let’s be real…

Anyone can make a video or take a picture, right? Yes. But some people get it and some people don’t. It’s not just a simple video or picture that drives more sales and conversions for a brand. It takes that special sauce to do it in a way that attracts your ideal customer and gets them to act. More on that later.

Who are we?

We know you need content that is relevant and fresh, made by people who get Tik Tok trends and the fast-moving pace of social media and its algorithms. Lauren Labeled is not your father’s content creation partner. What better way to attract your audience than partnering with creators who use the platforms you market on daily and actually fit your dream customers to a T?

Lauren M.

Lauren F.

Building Our Creator Network...

These creators are trained, vetted, and handpicked by us to bring you a diverse selection of top UGC creators. Keep checking our page and social as we add more creators!


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