Need a hands-off solution for quality UGC content? You're in the right spot.

Before Lauren Labeled

You spent much time and energy spent having to source, vet, and train creators. Your ad results suffered due to lack of fresh, compelling creatives, And you’re wanting to pull your hair out because the (what feels like) never-ending search for creators who get it is taking away from income-generating activities.

With Lauren Labeled

Now, you know you have a diverse pool of creators who are already trained and fully capable of leading the way. Content is almost entirely hands-off and your ads are driving conversions + trust among your dream customers.

But don't just take our word for it...

"Lauren Labeled is one of those creator teams that just gets it. They know what a UGC ad should look like to be extremely native to the platforms and what's revolving out there. They know how to bring a creative brief to life so for all those reasons and more is why we'll keep working and testing new angles with them."

– Manny Reyes, Marketing Brew

What We Offer

We keep your customer at the heart of everything we do to create compelling content that speaks to them and, ultimately, drives conversions. Our offerings are simple. We deliver 4 videos per week all month long. Explore more details below

Hands-Off UGC Creatives

  • UGC video creatives delivered throughout the month that are up to 20 seconds long each. What's included:
  • 8 original videos and 8 variations; 16 videos delivered total throughout the month
  • Pre-production: concepts, researching, sourcing inspiration, and script writing
  • Filming
  • Post-Production: editing, voiceovers, CC, text captions, and sounds

Working with Lauren Labeled was one of the smoothest/easiest/simplest projects I've worked on for UGC creation! I'll definitely be continuing working with them and would 10/10 recommend to anyone looking for someone to create short-form vertical UGC 🔥🔥🔥

– PanoMirror, Ecom Brand

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