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A Hands-Off Approach To Scaling Paid Social With Top UGC Creators

Welcome to a new digital era. The rules have changed, have you?

You're a growing brand that wants to...

✅ Scale ads and content creation
✅ Leverage the power of TikTok
✅ Utilize performance UGC

Your customer sees an average of 10,000 ads in a day. What we all knew as “the perfect ad” doesn’t work anymore. Don’t just sell a product, build a media experience that stands out on their feed without annoying them.

Why? Because it’s what your audience expects.

High-Performing TikTok Ads—Completely Done For You

Before Lauren Labeled...

With Lauren Labeled — The Top Tik Tok UGC Agency

Fresh ad angles and creative briefs written for you—all with TikTok latest trends and best practices in mind
Full roster of creators sourced and managed for you
Hands-off from start to finish. Check your inbox every week for fresh ad creatives!
Day-to-day ad management

Who are we?

We’re a team of Gen-Z social natives—expert marketers, direct response copywriters, and editors—that know the latest trends and are constantly pushing for your brand to decrease CPA and level up ad performance.

“Data is where we start, ad campaigns is where we deliver."

Our Services

UGC-Style Content At Scale

If you’re looking to scale but don’t have a predictable system in place to source creatives or manage the day to day media buying, you’re in the right spot. We’re here to be an extension of your team.

Ongoing Ad Management

Want a complete hands-off approach to ads? No problem. We deliver best-in-class ad management, ongoing creative support, and holistic growth roadmaps. That way we have full control and knowledge around creative testing and optimization to help you crush your target KPIs.

Look forward to results like this...

Lauren Labeled totally exceeded my expectations. The organization and time management is top notch along with their desire to perfect their craft. Finding a UGC partner that can let me be completely hands-off was challenging until I found Lauren Labeled.
There has been nothing more rewarding than finding a partner who takes the entire process into their own hands. I can trust them to be on point every time. I’m thrilled to have found The Lauren Labeled team so I have an ad creative partner for the long term and don’t have to go back to the drawing board every few months.”
It was so helpful having Lauren Labeled handle end-to-end creation. We struggled to find creators on our own with our budgets, but this was a great low-overhead option to tap into creators and test different angles through UGC.

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We work with all kinds of brands from e-commerce to apps. Whether you have a physical product or not, you can benefit from the power of UGC-style ads!

Our offering would be a great fit for businesses that are: 

  • Killing it on other platforms but aren’t sure how to navigate ads for TikTok
  • Don’t have the time or expertise to handle production in house: sourcing and managing individual creators, developing strategy, scriptwriting, and creative optimization
  • Already established with consistent MRR and looking to scale up

We probably aren’t a good fit if your brand is:

  • New and building from the ground up
  • Only needing a few videos
  • Not currently running ads

Yes. We prefer a minimum of three month’s commitment. Like with any new partner, there are kinks to iron out at the beginning. We aim to build long-term partnerships with brands because we can build on what we already know and what’s work rather than starting from scratch every time.

Everything from the very beginning of the project of doing market research and collecting data to when the video is completely done and ready to roll out.

If you need help with media buying, we offer a hands-off approach with that as well. We handle all daily optimization, creative testing, analyzing data to leverage winners, and we will send you an easy to follow report and summary each week.

Yes, we do! We’ve hand selected and trained our team of creators and pick based on your goals, platforms, and target demographics. We will go over the creators we’ve pulled for your round of creatives.

When you first onboard with us, it will be about 3 weeks until you receive your first round of videos. From then, you can expect them to be delivered to your inbox every week on or before Sunday.

The true definition of user-generated content is any content that a real customer posted organically. 

UGC-style content that we offer uses TikTok creators that convey your brand’s message and customers’ stories. It shows your product in real life settings, shot on an iPhone to give a much more organic and authentic feel to the ad.

With the massive growth of TikTok, we’ve seen a change in consumers demands when it comes to content (both organically and on the paid side). 

With the average person seeing 10,000 advertisements in a single day, we all have developed a keen sense for spotting an ad within seconds.

Since nobody wants to be sold, it’s an immediate swipe to get back to the good stuff. To convert the viewer, it’s first a battle for attention. 

You can get them to stop the scroll by serving more organic TikTok ads featuring real people that look native to the app.