UGC Creator Getting Started Guide

UGC Creator Getting Started Guide


Getting started as a Tik Tok user-generated content creator? Here’s the full guide on how to get started from scratch to landing your first client. We tracked every mistake, bump in the road, and success and created the guide we wish we had when we first started. It includes video walk-throughs, interactive checkboxes, fillable text boxes, and benchmark action items.

With how easy it is to create a guide or course these days, it’s always important to know that the creator of the guide is qualified and teaching you something they’ve actually done before. With that being said, we say this to demonstrate our expertise and qualifications as well as to show you what is possible for you if you push through:

We’ve paired our expertise in film and video production and marketing with our Tik Tok obsession to help create amazing content. We’ve worked with well over 20 brands including companies like Morning Brew and Doe Lashes. Within our first month of launching, we did just under $10,000 with no overhead since it was just us at the time! We’ve grown a team and have quickly doubled that number by booking retainer clients who needed a hands-off solution to get fresh content weekly. Our client base continues to grow. We currently have nearly 30 brands on our waitlist at the moment we’re writing this!

We won’t make any guarantees because we’re giving you the valuable info and tools, but it’s on you to apply it and put the work in.

I’m sure you’re asking: “how much can I expect to make?” We would not be surprised if, once you complete all this guide, you quickly land your first UGC client and make back what you invested into this guide (if not, more). We will say this as a fact—a five-figure month as a UGC creator is VERY normal and attainable.

This guide will cover:

  • Content creation best practices
  • Our top picks for tools and resources to make your life easier
  • How to research and plan videos
  • Script template
  • How to create a UGC portfolio with no experience
  • Website must-haves
  • Filming and editing (including our favorite tools to use)
  • Setting rates and invoicing
  • Social growth and landing your first client
  • Additional resources and video walkthroughs