4 tik tok trends your brand needs to use right now + examples

Hey! Each week, we make new creatives for our clients so we’re constantly sourcing inspiration and staying on top of the latest trends.

Here are 4 creative concepts that can work for both your paid ads as well as your organic feed. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reply directly to this email or tweet us! Let’s dive in…

#1 “Things in (my bedroom, office, closet, house, etc) that just make sense 🤌”

Here’s your product’s chance to really shine. This trend helps showcase your product’s unique features, how it’s better than other products like it on the market, and also how it makes the customer’s life better or more fun.

Check out this example and this one—done by a company to showcase their awesome office (and most likely to attract top talent).

#2 “What I ordered VS what I got”

This trend is a hot one because it allows us to do two things:

1. Show the viewer what they can actually expect when they purchase and receive their product.

You know the sinking feeling when you order something, you excitedly tear open the box, and the product ends up not being what you expected?

Yeah, let’s not put our people through that. If you’ve got a great product (which I’m sure you do if you’re reading this) then this trend can actually be your shot at showing that the unboxing experience and product are even BETTER in person than on the website


2. Allow you to really nail your brand and product’s competitive differentiators—even the ones that are more intangible (AKA more touchy-feely) like supporting a minority-owned small business. This video that we did should help you get a better idea.

#3 “3 ways I use my ”

This concept is perfect for showing the use cases of your product while featuring its versatility. Here are a few questions to keep in mind:

Can you take it with you?

Is it easy to use?

Where can you use it?

What are some ways your product is used that people don’t often think about?

How does this make the customer’s life easier?

#4 Comment response

This is one of our favorite hacks to be able to create videos that answer frequently asked questions, top buyer objections, and myths around the brand’s industry or product.

Check this for an example of a video we’ve done using the comment response graphic!

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