4 TikTok ad trends you should test

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Here are some hot TikTok trends and concepts that you should try in your next videos whether you’re a brand or a creator. Let’s get to it…

#1 Split-Screen

Here’s a Lauren Labeled video example that we did for an eyelash brand. Showing the before and after is powerful because the viewer can see just how amazing your product is. The split screen effect is an easy way to show the comparison of before your product versus the massive difference your product makes in the look and/or lives of customers.

#2 “Testing so you don’t have to”

…Aaand one more Lauren Labeled video example 🙂 The only thing better than telling people how awesome a product is is showing them. Think about it. Which captivates you more: someone talking about how their scrubs are durable and liquid resistant? Or someone getting a bucket of water dumped on them just for it to roll right off?

Same message. One execution is engaging and powerful while the other is a snooze fest.

#3 Shocking/Satisfying Opening Frame

Talk about a scroll-stopper. I’m a sucker for satisfying videos. We have to be a little cautious with this one though. This brand did a good job of including a satisfying opening frame while still staying on topic and on brand. I’ve seen some ads that are WAY out there…

The problem with this is that while it can definitely get people to stop scrolling, there’s a risk that you inflate metrics and your video gets viewed/form gets submitted by people who aren’t qualified.

#4 Haul

Doing a haul or room tour is a perfect way to showcase your products in a real-life setting which is what UGC ads are all about. You can tweak this concept to however it fits your product. If you have kitchenware, you can show someone doing a kitchen tour. A house tour, “things around my house that just make sense”, car tour, office tour… I think you get the point 🙂

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