5 questions to ask for successful UGC videos

Hey! Dropping by to uncover the 5 major questions that should be asked as a UGC content creator before you get started working with a brand.

Brands: this should help you prepare and know what’s required in order for the most successful and effective UGC videos. If you find this helpful, tweet us your biggest takeaway! Let’s dive in…

1. Who is the brand targeting? (Spoiler: it’s not “everyone”)

It’s impossible to market effectively when you don’t know who you’re marketing to. When a brand has a buyer persona defined, you’re able to get valuable insight into what the customers care about most, their interests, language, and pain points. In our experience, if a brand doesn’t have a buyer persona yet, it may not be ready to outsource and create content just yet.

All of these things are what make the difference between a video that is scrolled past/reaches the wrong audience and one that is effective and has people thinking you’re inside their head because the messaging resonates so well.

2. Why should people buy from this specific product versus alternatives?

This question is all about competitive differentiation and unique selling proposition (USP). It’s important to really hit on why someone would want to buy this product over all of the alternatives. Is it because it’s higher quality? More sustainable? Designed specifically for older women?

3. What platforms will this video be used on?

This will help with understanding what style (language and fonts) should be used to make it most native. Plus, you need to know aspect ratios. For example, Tik Tok is a vertical portrait (9:16 ratio), but Instagram and Facebook might be a 1:1 square ratio.

4. Does the company have any branding guidelines?

It’s important to understand what can and cannot be mentioned in the video. Do they have certain fonts and logos they want to be included?

Also, don’t reinvent the wheel! If the brand has any successful videos that have been made in the past, they should share them so you can see what’s worked before. They can also share inspiration and other videos they came across that they loved.

5. What is your definition of success when working with a UGC content creator?

This can be an easy question to brush off. Obviously, companies want more sales and higher ad performance from UGC. But that’s too general considering a lot of that is out of your control as the creator. The creative could perform but there are issues with ad management or web performance.

It’s important to set expectations. What are YOU as the creator responsible for and how will everyone know that you’ve been successful?

Maybe their definition of success when working with a UGC creator is having high-quality videos that hit on their USP and free up their plate to focus on income-generating activities. You can go deeper and even define what “high quality” means, too.

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