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As you probably know, we’re dropping a 29-page guide on getting started with user-generated content very very soon. It covers everything you need to get started like:

  • Tech setup
  • How to research and plan videos
  • How to write effective scripts
  • How to build a portfolio from scratch
  • Website must-haves
  • How to film and edit
  • Pricing and invoicing
  • How to grow on social to land your first client

Why would we do this? Simple. Because there’s more demand than we could ever keep up with alone and it’s a pretty damn cool opportunity that’s not widely known about yet.

We’re so excited that we wanted to give you a little snippet here from our scriptwriting section.

The script is the ✨main character✨ of the video. Filming is important but what you film is dictated by the script. So what makes the difference between a video script that captivates your audience, gets their attention and gets them to convert in some way versus a video script that gets ignored and scrolled past? Let’s get into it…

An amazing, scroll-stopping script always keeps the audience at the center of everything. This is why it’s important to know who the brand is trying to reach. And a general demographic like women aged 18-25 isn’t going to cut it. The brand you work with should have a specific buyer persona (even going as far as naming the persona).

❌ Poor buyer persona: women on Tik Tok aged 18-25

✅ Effective buyer persona: Sarah, a 22-year-old female professional, who is fresh out of college working her first “serious” job at a tech startup, and is looking for a way to maintain energy throughout the whole work day without the jitters from coffee.

Their main pain points are not being able to focus at work because they’re tired, anxiety that comes from regular coffee, and health concerns from caffeine addiction.

See the difference? We view it as a red flag if a brand doesn’t have its buyer personas down pat. Without this, they aren’t ready to invest in content because they don’t know who they’re speaking to or what the audience cares about.

Onto the snippet from our guide. A killer script includes:

Pain points: what pain points would someone have to be searching for this product?

Example: I always got jitters when I drank coffee but need an energy boost so I purchased mushroom coffee

Desires (obvious/secret ones)

Example: For the mushroom coffee product, customer desires might be to ease caffeine addiction, focus better at work, reduce the anxiety that comes from coffee, tired college student/mom/etc. Who needs a natural pick me up

Prior purchases

Example: Maybe the target audience has tried teas, water, natural supplements, but they didn’t work.

Buyer objections to address in the video

Example: Potential buyers might be thinking: How do I know it will work? Is it actually healthy? Are there any other side effects? Is it addictive? Does shipping take long?

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