Case Study: Unbloat Decreases CPA By 40% and CPC By 20% After Partnering With Lauren Labeled

The Problem

Unbloat is a new, subscription-based brand dedicated to stopping persistent daily bloating in women. The Unbloat supplement contains 40 natural ingredients which help with digestion, pressure and pain, as well as boost health and immunity. Unbloat is both a rapid relief solution as well as a long-term digestive support solution.

Before working with Lauren Labeled, Unbloat was having trouble capturing the target audience, nailing exactly how to present the product in a way that stands out from all of the other bloating supplements available, and backing their ad creatives with strategy.

The Solution

One of the major things we did for Unbloat was test messaging using both older and younger creators to see what best resonates. We also understand how crowded the advertising landscape can be for dietary supplements similar to Unbloat. Because of this, it was important to differentiate the brand by emphasizing what makes Unbloat better than other supplements that also claim to fight bloating. Here are a few high-level messaging we found effective:

  • Mentioning that the supplement is doctor-formulated
  • Calling out specific ingredients of the product like turmeric, ginger, peppermint, etc.
  • Focusing on being an “all-in-one” probiotic. Lots of people spend too much money on all different supplements. Unbloat fixes that.
  • Social proof like customer reviews being integrated into the creative

We will always opt for showing rather than telling. In this case, we showed the different use cases and buyer personas for Unbloat. We evoked powerful emotions by showcasing real customer stories and how their lives were transformed after taking Unbloat. Some example concepts we led with include embarrassment of bloating, not feeling like yourself, clothes not fitting, being uncomfortable at work due to pressure and gas, spending money on different supplements that don’t do anything, and feeling helpless when it comes to finding a solution that really works to keep bloating away for good.

“Lauren Labeled totally exceeded my expectations. The organization and time management is top notch along with their desire to perfect their craft. Finding a UGC partner that can let me be completely hands-off was challenging until I found Lauren Labeled.”

-Jesse Pujji, Founder of Unbloat, a Gateway X brand

The Results

  • After working with Lauren Labeled for 1 month, we saw a 40% decrease in CPA compared to non-Lauren Labeled creatives
  • By the end of our first month, 59% of Unbloat’s overall ad spend had shifted to Lauren Labeled videos.
  • We were able to increase our overall Facebook ad budget by 79% MoM after adding Lauren Labeled creatives 
  • On average, Lauren Labeled ads had a 20% lower CPC than other non-Lauren Labeled ads

It’s been a great experience working with the Unbloat team and this is only the beginning! We’re excited to continue rolling out fresh creatives and crush ad targets.

Managing a roster of creators, writing scripts, and handling post-production to get high-performing ad videos is hard. Let us take the weight off your shoulders. Get in touch here.

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