How does UGC for organic differ from UGC for ads?

How is content different if it’s used in organic posts on the feed versus if it’s being used in paid ad campaigns? We’ve seen quite a few people ask this question—both creators and companies. There’s quite a big difference, so let’s get into it.

Different Goals

My standard for organic content, is typically 80% value or entertainment and 20% hard selling and pushing the offer.

Your goal for organic is to focus on delivering that value in order to build an engaged community that values what you have to say and thinks of you as a credible leader.

On the other hand, for paid, the goal is almost always to get the sale or at least some sort of conversion whether it’s a follow, website click, sign up, etc. So you can go a lot harder with selling in the content that will be used in paid ads.

Different Angles and Writing Styles

With different goals come different angles and tones in the content. Again, we’re talking specifically for TikTok here… Organic content will use the different features of the app and be on a whim compared to paid ads.

It kind of has to be this way with the nature of the app and how fast trends live and die.

You can use a trending sound, do a challenge, duet an account, and add in your reaction or opinion, or even go more long-form and make a video that’s three minutes or longer. Story times perform really well

Paid ads use direct-response copywriting. This means the script is written in a way that compels the viewer to take action immediately. It focuses on the benefits of the product or service and shows how it makes lives easier/better.

You also have to keep in mind that paid ads have some constraints. For example, you’re limited to commercial sounds (or risk copyright infringement) and you can’t run a duet as a paid ad unless you get authorization from everyone involved.

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