How we create videos that are featured by Tik Tok as Top Ads

Okay, time to be a bit vulnerable… Lauren and I had quite a few bumps in the road as we were getting started on building our UGC business. We had our fair share of screw-ups, tears, and anxiety.

UGC content is very niche specific and, because of that, we felt alone. Any time we tried to do research, we landed on resources that talked about influencer marketing that we never found helpful.

On the bright side, we also saw so much growth, success, and learning on top of our existing marketing and content creation expertise.
You can 100% figure out UGC content creation on your own or you can put life on easier mode with our UGC Getting Started Guide which teaches how to get started from scratch to landing your first client.

We tracked every mistake, bump in the road, and success and created the guide we wish we had when we first started. It includes video walk-throughs, interactive checkboxes, fillable text boxes, and benchmark action items.

Work for a brand or are a founder? You’ll still get massive value from this guide whether your in-house team is trying to create its own UGC or they want to know what to look for to hire top talent when sourcing UGC creators.

This guide will cover how we create videos that are featured by Tik Tok as Top Ads:

  • Content creation best practices
  • Our top tools and resources to make your life easier
  • Script template
  • How to create a UGC portfolio even without any clients
  • Website must-haves
  • Filming and editing (including our favorite tools to use)
  • Setting prices and tools to invoice
  • How to get your first client to come to you on social
  • Our favorite resources and video walkthroughs

The guide will be available for instant download right after checkout in the browser. It will also be available to download for 14 days within the email confirmation you receive.

Get started on your UGC content creator journey here.

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