How Mandala Scrubs Generated $51K In 2 Days Using Lauren Labeled Creatives

“There has been nothing more rewarding than to find a partner who takes the entire process into their own hands. I can trust them to be on point every time and really understand the brand that I’ve built. I’m thrilled to have found The Lauren Labeled team so I have an ad creative partner for the long term and don’t have to go back to the drawing board every few months.” – Kaustubh V., Founder of Mandala Scrubs

The Problem

Mandala Scrubs is a DTC medical scrub brand committed to offering premium scrubs at revolutionary prices. What makes it revolutionary? Companies that profit from selling scrubs at ridiculous markups (5-6x) dominate the medical apparel industry. Mandala is committed to price transparency, and charges for an entire set what some companies charge for just one piece.

Mandala Scrubs was already advertising on Facebook and Instagram using mainly static graphics. They came to Lauren Labeled because they wanted to take it to the next level with UGC-style video ads. They also wanted to start advertising on TikTok—something they know they had never done before and knew they couldn’t do without amazing video creatives.

The Solution

We began the process as we do for every client—with market research. After we spent time learning about key insights on what the audience truly cares about, competitors and content gaps, opportunities in the market, and mapping ideas for the marketing funnel, we had our content positioning and concepts. We also chose creators from our team that best fit the target demographic. Then, we delivered creatives on a weekly basis for Mandala to test within ad campaigns.

The angles we took included unboxing, creator mashups (showcasing various creators wearing the scrubs), comparison videos (traditional boxy scrubs versus Mandala), and comment response videos. We really went heavy into showing how these premium scrubs are durable (stain resistant, liquid resistant), high quality, and look amazing.

Lauren Labeled continues to blow away my expectations. These are real, no BS results. It’s refreshing to finally find a partner who can execute on the creative side and bring ideas for the brand to life in a way that’s even better than I expected.

-Kaustubh V., Founder of Mandala Scrubs

The Results

  • Generated over $51,000 over a span of two days from a $4000 total ad spend
  • Generated $360,000 in one month from $30,000 ad spend
  • 20 ad creatives delivered
  • $0.62 cost-per-click
  • $6.75 CPM

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