4 Red Flags To Beware Of When Hiring An Ad Partner

The barrier to entry is extremely low when it comes to content creation, UGC, and advertising services in general. Meaning… Anyone can start offering it.

When the barrier to entering an industry is low, it leaves a lot of room for businesses like yours to end up with a partner that doesn’t know what they’re doing. They might technically get the job done but it’s low quality, and ultimately, doesn’t drive a business’ bottom line.
So whether you work with us, or another partner, here are major red flags to look out for when hiring an ad agency:

1. No proof of performance

Check for reviews, watch videos, take a look at their portfolio, and view case studies. With all of the new UGC agencies and creators coming onto the scene, you have plenty of options to choose from. But I’m sure you only want to work with those that will bring results.

If an ad agency uses a whole lot of buzzwords and makes promises, but doesn’t have anything to back it up, I’d advise looking elsewhere.

2. Their own content/online presence is subpar

Maybe this is a spicy take, but I personally won’t work with companies that don’t practice what they preach. For example, if a company claims to be a social media expert, their own socials better be on point.

If a company creates content and handles media buying, the content they shares should hit the mark and they should have no problem marketing themselves and getting clients.

3. They say yes to working without knowing more details

If you’re looking for marketing help, one of the first things that they should ask you is about what you’re currently doing now to market and what are your overall goals. Without understanding the gaps between where you are and where you want to be, it’s impossible to make recommendations that will help your brand close the gaps and reach your goals.

4. Too good to be true

If a marketing provider is promising results like 10,000 social media followers or 5x ROAS by next week, it’s highly likely that they are doing something shady. Or they’re just trying to sell you.

Marketing and advertising are about testing what works for each client, tracking data, and optimizing for success. The best partner will be confident in their abilities but not guarantee over-the-top results.

If you’re ready to put the creative production process (and even daily media buying) on easy mode, I’m glad you’re here.

We handle everything from pre to post-production as well as day-to-day ad management. You get fresh creatives delivered to your inbox every week to roll out in ad campaigns. Get started!

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