The dark side of going viral

Founders and brands, if you’re worried about going viral and unlocking the TikTok algorithm… This is for you.

The pressure to go viral is intense. We get it. Some brands think the more people who see their stuff, the more likely it is that they will get more sales, right? But it really shouldn’t be a numbers game. If you know your customer and you’re intentional, you won’t need to reach a massive amount of people just for a tiny percentage to be qualified and convert. You can and SHOULD be getting leads and conversions with 1,000 followers (or even less).

So if going viral and “figuring out” the algorithm is a major goal for you, here are two important things to consider:

1 Your following and community may get diluted

A video blowing up is AWESOME! But what you might find is that virality attracts the masses (that’s the point). There’s a high chance that you can create a huge following from videos going viral but it’s not a real, engaged community of fans. The people following you aren’t qualified and don’t fit your dream customer.

Building a long-term community made up of people who fit your ideal customer > going viral and attracting unqualified randoms.

#2 Your customers (and potential customers) can tell when you’re just trying to feed the monster

Your content looks VERY different when you’re trying to pump out content that games the algorithm versus content that keeps your customer and their needs at the focal point.

TikTok changes its algorithm and rolls out updates daily. So as soon as you feel like you’ve figured it out, it feels like it’s been five minutes before it changes again.

We’re not saying this to discourage you. But it will always have a higher payoff when you put out content (whether that’s paid or organic) that hits on what your customers actually care about.

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