Is your brand thriving or just surviving?

It’s time to talk about surviving versus thriving as a business. Surviving might be a bit dramatic. But what we mean by this is maybe business is doing okay, but there are gaps and room for improvement. Or maybe your brand is hanging on to the same creatives and what worked 1-2 years ago, but numbers are plateauing.

On the other hand, thriving is where your business should be. When we say thriving, we mean that you’re on top of the changing landscape. And you always look at your processes subjectively while giving at least a quarter or two for a significant period to test before calling it quits.

A thriving business always takes into account what competitors are doing but you dare to pave your own path while filling the gaps in your competitors’ marketing

Lastly, an obvious sign that you’re thriving is that you’re crushing goals and growing your brand’s bottom line. So here’s if you’re just scraping by, here are three important things to do:

#1 Choose the right people

We don’t just mean employees. It’s no longer a battle of in-house versus outsourcing. Instead, it’s about whatever needs to happen to help your company crush goals in the most efficient way possible.

Meet the hybrid approach. Your in-house team can focus on their strengths and what they’re good at while a partner can fill in the gaps. The outsourcing partner should serve as an extension of your team.

We have some clients who want to be completely hands-off when it comes to ad production and media buying while others want to collaborate—bringing ideas to the table and having us stay in touch with other members of their team. Either way, we’re here for you how you need us to be.

#2 Move with purpose

Your marketing shouldn’t be made up of tasks that are done just so they can be crossed off a list. And your marketing most definitely shouldn’t be done in a way that ignores the customer and just serves your internal team. You might be patting each other on the back but if your customer doesn’t feel heard or addressed, you’ll be scrolled past.

From ad creatives to organic content, your content needs to compel, inspire, entertain, and ultimately, move the viewer to do something.

#3 Be open to trying new things that are different than what you’ve ever done before

Maybe your team has been great with static and motion graphics or using clean, studio-produced videos. TikTok has ended Google’s 15-year reign as the world’s most popular website, but it’s not about TikTok specifically. It’s more about the impact it has on the way we consume content, audience expectations, and the type of ad creatives that now make up the “perfect ad”. And it continues to pave the way.

In other words, if all you’ve ever tested are motion graphics, high-end production videos, and/or stock-type videos, and you’re seeing results… Imagine what can happen using real people in real settings and storytelling around your brand and product.

It’s a lot to source and manage creators, copy write, plan scripts, edit, and handle post-production as well as handle the ongoing management of the ad campaigns. But you don’t have to go at it alone. We’re here for you! Get started here.

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