3 Things That Are Making Your TikTok Creatives BORING

Let’s cut right to the chase—lots of ad creatives (and content altogether) tends to be boring. And if your content is boring then it’s also ignored. As brand owners, we can be so excited about our company and with that excitement, it can be easy to jump to conclusions.

We assume the customer cares about X when they really care about Y.

We assume people want to know every single detail because we’re so DANG fired up about our product/service.

I mean, honestly, a lot of the time we assume people are interested period when we haven’t given them a reason to be. More on that later. Let’s get to the secret behind creatives that get ignored:

#1 Information overload

The prime length for TikTok ads is 15-20 seconds. With something so bite-sized, it’s important to stick with one main idea. That doesn’t mean you can only talk about a single feature or benefit of the product. It just means maybe your product works for working moms but it’s also useful for college students, for example. That doesn’t mean you need to fit all of the different use cases into a single creative. One main concept for each video.

#2 Making it all about your company/product

What happens when you go on a date and all the other person does is talk about themselves the entire time? Most likely, a second date will not be happening, right? Whether it’s a date or it’s a piece of content, people won’t take interest and stop scrolling if it’s all about you. Like I said at the beginning, making the assumption that people will care is a huge mistake. Great marketers understand that we have to give them a reason to care. Your content will only perform if you make it more about the customer and their pain points than you do about yourself. Your goal is to always answer “What’s in it for me?”

#3 Dead space

Keep the creative moving. How fast your creative moves is going to depend heavily on the target demo as well as the platform the creative is being used on. For example, one of our clients is a cosmetic company for mature skin. They see results from creatives that are 1-3 minutes long. It’s an older demographic so you might have to slow it down compared to the typical TikTok UGC video ads we’re used to.

Sometimes, we’ll come across UGC videos that would be awesome but there are a few seconds of awkward dead space that wasn’t trimmed off. Or there are general, filler-type statements like “I love it so much…” or “It’s amazing.” Instead, try being intentional with every frame and every line of the script. 15-20 seconds is not a lot. So fill it with your value proposition, competitive advantages, social proof, and addressing buyer objections.

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