UGC ad inspiration: our top picks this week

Hey! It’s that time again… Here are our top picks this week for awesome UGC ad creatives and why we love them so much.

These were sourced from Tik Tok’s Ad Creative Center and Tik Tok itself.

#1 Food/Drink

Why we love it: The money in the coffee is the ultimate scroll-stopper. If your offer revolves around saving money, showing cash in ad creatives could really grab attention.

Just be careful to not go too wild here. When your creatives are too shocking, you’ll get a lot of views and engagement, but the audience may not be very qualified. The goal isn’t as many views, likes, and comments as possible. The goal is to reach people who are most likely to actually whip out their cards and convert.

#2 Cosmetics

Why we love it: Mash-up videos like this are always a solid choice! You can showcase all different kinds of people who love your products. It’s the ultimate organic-looking ad style. We love that they included over six creators but it was still easy to follow.

The line that stuck out the most is when they compared the price to just “two matches”. It’s great to give your audience perspective in a way they can relate to.

#3 Supplement

Why we love it: This creative is simple. No fancy transitions or editing—just two bros chopping it up. I love how relaxed and casual their tone is. Notice how they’re talking like they would in real life (ex: using “dude” and “gotta chill”). Bonus points for them showing the website on the phone towards the end, too!

#4 App

Why we love it: Some might think advertising an app or website might be a snooze fest. We love this creative because it’s anything but boring. It literally brings the app and its unique value proposition to life. It’s also got the “day in a life” feel that everyone loves to watch.

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