UGC ad inspiration: our top picks this week

Hey! Thanks for being subscribed. We’re kicking things off nice and simple with our top 5 ad picks (sorted by industry) for this week and why we love them. These were sourced from Tik Tok Creative Center.

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1 Food/Drink

Why we love it: The comment response is always great to answer frequently asked questions or, our favorite, address buyer objections.
This ad did a great job of showing the website and expectations. Plus, they showed the actual unboxing experience and what you can expect when you receive product in real life.

#2 Beauty

Why we love it: The split screen of comparing before and after at the beginning is 🔥. Just be careful of before/afters because Tik Tok ad policy can be picky about this

#3 Pets

Why we love it: Our favorite thing about this ad was the storytelling and the emotional appeal—placing the product as the story’s hero. It is a minute long, so we’d love to see this ad in a 20-30 second variation!

#4 Fitness

Why we love it: It shows the product in various settings. By using the equipment by the pool, in the living room, etc, it SHOWS the viewer that it can easily be used anywhere—rather than telling.

#5 Household Items

Why we love it: When we think of fun and enticing, kitchenware is definitely not the first thing that comes to mind. BUT this ad does a great job of making it more exciting. Notice instead of a video of the pots and pans just sitting on the counter, they use a stop motion type of transition to uncover? Well done.

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