A Deep Dive Into The UGC Ads Of a $60M Company

Part of our scope of work is always staying on top of new trends, coming up with new creative angles, and constantly doing market research. Part of our strategy for constant growth and improvement is not only saving ads that make us stop, but analyzing why they made us stop. You make good ads once you pay attention to good ads and what makes them good.

We’ll be analyzing the UGC ads of a company you’ve probably seen on your feed and FYP. The company is called Ritual. It’s grown rapidly from one woman’s vision to over $100M in subscription revenue.

If you haven’t heard of them, Ritual offers simple and clean supplements for women—ditching unnecessary ingredients and only using top-quality nutrients.

They’re clearly doing something right when it comes to marketing. Today, we’ll be taking a dive into their ads: what we love, what we might do differently, and things we’d love to see.

Let’s get into it…

What we love: We love the social proof right out the gate (holistic nutritionist) and the fact that it ends up being a mash-up, featuring different women. We also love that they mixed in casual shots of a creator sitting in the car, talking to the camera, and aesthetic shots of the pills and packaging in sunlight.

What we might do differently: Tighten up the script a little bit and always make sure it mirrors how people actually talk and the problems the product solves. For example: “If you’re looking to support your gut health with the help of a probiotic supplement, make sure it contains prebiotics, probiotics, and a postbiotic.”

An alternative: “If you’re constantly dealing with an upset tummy (bloating, etc) and want to heal your gut, you should be taking a supplement that has pre, pro, and postbiotics.”

What we’d love to see: This is a longer video at 43 seconds (nothing wrong with that and absolutely worth testing). We can tell this “longer” form video was intentional because you can see that it’s one creator until the 25-second mark. Most likely, the brand added more for people who do end up watching all the way through and want more. So, if it doesn’t already exist, we’d love to see a version that’s around the 15-second mark.

What we love: We love the call out in the hook for new moms and the storytelling that’s happening—one creator uses her baby’s name and another talks about her past three pregnancies. We also love that there’s diversity in the creators being used from how they look to what they’re wearing and what setting they’re in.

This does so much to make it feel authentic and resonate with other moms out there who are trying to find a supplement that has everything they (and the baby) will need.

What we might do differently: Avoid mentioning the company in the hook and focus on the problem that Ritual solves for moms. Some alternatives could be:

“If you’re a new mom that gets sick from supplements, listen up”

“New moms… I’ve found it. The cleanest supplement that won’t make you sick”

What we’d love to see: A stronger call to action than learn more. Here are some examples:

  • Take our quiz for a personalized prenatal plan
  • Try today or your money back
  • Fill your nutrient gaps

What we love: I think the current hook is a hard sell and could make people immediately scroll away (“Let me tell you why I absolutely love Ritual”). Another hook to test for this is: “I’m a board-certified doctor and this is my ultimate tip for gut health”.

What we might do differently: We probably wouldn’t use as many motion graphics since it doesn’t really fit the style of TikTok—it’s more fitting to Facebook. Again, this could make the viewer feel like they’re being sold and scroll away.

What we’d love to see: Incorporating more lifestyle shots that can help further drive home the message of the creators without relying so much on motion graphics. For example, when discussing what the supplement contains, they could use visuals comparing Ritual to other popular supplement ingredients. When they talk about not being able to get all the nutrients needed, show food. Other shot ideas:

  • Show people taking it and how easy it is to swallow
  • Show unboxing and what the viewer can actually expect if they order
  • Show stomach before and after to demonstrate how it helps with bloating (careful with using this too much because of guidelines)

Phew, okay. If you made it here, thanks for reading! We hope you learned something. Ritual has some great ads that always stop me from scrolling. This is just a fun exercise for learning purposes!

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