Read This Before Launching Your Next TikTok Campaign

When it comes to advertising on social, there are quite a few common pitfalls that cost companies money, time, and resources.

We wouldn’t be able to fit them all into one email (that you’d actually read), so the first one we’re focusing on is the 🙅🏽‍♀️ blanket approach 🙅🏽‍♀️.

The blanket approach means using the same strategy and the same creatives across all platforms. Let’s unpack this a bit and how to avoid this pitfall…

1. Not customizing ad creatives for each channel

This might be obvious to you but, unfortunately, we still see TikTok ads that are running stock videos and still images. So as long as that’s still happening, we’ll still speak on it. Yikes.

On Facebook and Instagram, motion graphics and stills can still crush it. But what works on Facebook and Instagram might not work on TikTok too. We see TikTok creatives repurposed for FB and IG and perform well. But it doesn’t usually work the other way around. So your creatives need to be optimized for the platform it’s placed on from the ratio to the actual concept, sounds, shots, film style, etc.

2. Not calling out TikTok in the ad

We’ve found that calling TikTok out in your ad performs really well whether it’s in the actual video concept or in an exclusive offer. You’ve probably heard creators do this before when they say things like: “I’ve been seeing this all over TikTok” and “Things TikTok made me buy…”

3. Not providing privileged access or a customized offer

Create offers for your TikTok audience using the gift card sticker add-on. You can customize the promo code to be something like “tiktok15”, so there’s a sense of exclusivity for people on that platform and urgency.

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